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I am really good at procrastinating. Like expert level.

Though that's not something I should be bragging about.

But, I know me. And I know that I sometimes require more time to think things over before I decide what approach to take. But I have been feeling stuck lately. Like I'm not being utilized, so what's the point of completing things?

I am given busy work tasks at work, then not asked to finish them for weeks, or they're ignored for weeks after I turn them in. It's terrible. So, I try to focus on

my other work and side projects. But when you feel insecure in one realm, it reflects in others. I haven't been living up to the potential I know I should be displaying. I need to refocus. I need to quit distracting myself and putting off these awesome side projects that I want to turn into my career projects.

I need to stop procrastinating, and start working on solutions to problems and roadblocks I've already anticipated. I need to come to terms with my abilities and finish up more of these tutorials so as to get a better understanding of what I'm really taking on.

And then, I need to just say FUCK IT and do it. I need to take 2 weeks after WhereCamp and focus on the projects and work my ass off. Create databases and maps and start writing it all out. Every editorial calendar and interview subject and every idea, and turn them into actual work. Publish something before the year's end. Just do it. Because, what am I waiting for?


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