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Back in April, I got an invite to attend a women-only group where we'd be working toward setting and achieving goals over a 6-month span. I barely knew the woman who invited me, but it sounded like something I very much needed. So, of course I went. And kept going back, twice a month, since then (with the exception of June when I was busy with Open Source Bridge things).
This has been the defining experience of the last 6 months. I honestly don't know what I'd be like today without it. The group of women and the check-ins and the support offered without judgment. I can't properly describe how much this has positively impacted my everyday thinking and interactions.
I love it so much!
The 6 months is going to be over next month. We're planning to have a party and invite loved ones and friends who we think would benefit from it more. I'm bringing Alicia, as I've kinda recruited her for the last meeting (and the one tonight, too, hopefully). Everything in my life is more manageable to me now. Just break time up into 2-week segments. Have small goals and tasks to complete in that time frame. Seriously, that's the main component. And have accountability. Hear one another's progress. Meet up for coffee and coworking occasionally. It's been the best thing for me. And seeing how far everyone else has come toward achieving goals over this period has been so enlightening too.
So, super happy, invigorated, forward-thinking, and just content with a whole lot of things right now. And another meeting tonight. <3
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